Weighing the Differences Between Shared and Cloud Hosting

Weighing the Differences Between Shared and Cloud Hosting

Web hosting can be hard to get. With choices of shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting, just scrolling through all these options is enough to make you dizzy.

So take a minute to breathe. Center yourself. Baby steps.

In this case, we’ll start by looking at two of your choices:

Shared and cloud hosting.

Once we’ve explained how these two work, those panic attacks will subside.

Shared hosting

Like the name says, when you use shared hosting, you share a server with other people. The dorm room option, if you will. Cheap, but cramped.

If you’re just starting out online, you might want to use shared hosting as a starting point and see how it goes from there. Or if you’re just running a blog for fun, this is probably your best option, as you’ll need minimal bandwidth.

Pros and cons of shared hosting




Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting uses the cloud, obviously. It’s similar to a virtual private server (VPS), but magnified. Instead of using one server (like with a VPS), you’re connected to multiple through the cloud.

While you still have to share bandwidth with others, it’s unlikely to be noticeable. This is because you’ll have so much bandwidth available it’ll feel like you’re the only one using it.

Pros and cons of cloud hosting




Which one’s better?

There’s no definitive answer of which one’s the better choice. It all depends on what your needs and budget are.

If you’re writing a personal blog for fun, chances are, just grandma and some of your friends read it. Sure, it might blow up and become something huge, but for the time being, shared hosting is enough. Your low traffic won’t warrant paying for anything with higher capabilities.

But if you’re a huge geek and need your business to gain online traction, cloud hosting is better. To avoid frustrating and disappointing your customers, you need reliable hosting. And cloud hosting can offer you that.

Check out VPS hosting

If neither shared nor cloud hosting sounds good to you, you still have choices. One of them is  VPS hosting. A VPS is like cloud hosting but gives you more choices in customization. You’ll still have lots of bandwidth, plus pay less than you would have to with cloud hosting.

As the ‘Goldilocks’ solution between shared and cloud hosting, a VPS can be the ideal solution if you have a limited budget but still need a decent amount of resources.

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